ride in our arenas with

Three Pass Types

single passes

Pay as you go.

Looking to drop-in or Tri before you commit? This one’s for you. Simply choose an Arena and Session Type and get ready to rip!

  • Classes
  • Open Sessions

Best For

  • Walk-ins and first-time riders
  • Testing the waters before you fully commit

credit packs

Most flexible and affordable.

Ride solo or share credits with friends to maximise your dollar, because riding is not only more fun with company, it’s cheaper.

  • Classes
  • Open Sessions

Best For

  • Sharing with friends
  • Transferring credits to friends when you purchase a 100 or 300 Credit Pack.
  • Getting the most bang for your buck

season passes

Ride hard everyday.

With daily access to Open Sessions across all 3 arenas, cruise to your own rhythm and progress effortlessly to take on the seasons.

  • Open Sessions

Best For

  • Serious riders looking to train daily
  • Riding to your heart’s content

Two Session Types


Level up with certified instructors.

From mastering the basics to learning advanced manoeuvres, our Classes have been designed to cater to all skill levels. Build confidence, dial in your movement and address any potential weaknesses you may have with the help of experienced instructors.

Best For

  • Learning in a safe and controlled environment
  • Developing the right habits and proper techniques that will help you progress quickly
  • Understanding how to translate your skills from TRIFECTA to the elements

open sessions

Ride and play on your own terms.

TRIFECTA's Open Sessions not only allow you to train based on your riding ability; they're a playground for you to express yourself. With changing wave heights in the surf arena and varying slope angles in the snow arena, these sessions offer endless fun and the perfect platform for you to refine your skills across all 3 boardsports.

Best For

  • Training according to your riding ability
  • Non-guided self-expression sessions
  • Practising your manoeuvres and tricks

First time riding at trifecta?

you are required to sign up for

one compulsory* arena intro class


why are arena intro classes compulsory?

While our machines are suitable for beginners, riding them will be a new experience regardless of your skill level in the elements. Safety is our priority. Through this class, get properly introduced to our equipment and learn how to ride & safely navigate our arenas.

Sign up using Single Passes or Credits.


Session Rates

Off-Peak Timings: Weekdays 10AM - 5PM | Sundays after 7PM | Off-Peak hours do not apply on Public Holidays

SurfS$120 or 6 CREDITSS$100 or 5 CREDITS
SnowS$100 or 5 CREDITSS$80 or 4 CREDITS
Freestyle (SNOW ARENA)S$100 or 5 CREDITSS$80 or 4 CREDITS
SkateS$60 or 3 CREDITSS$40 or 2 CREDITS
SurfS$120 or 6 CREDITS
SnowS$100 or 5 CREDITS
Freestyle (SNOW ARENA)S$100 or 5 CREDITS
SkateS$60 or 3 CREDITS
Open Sessions
SurfS$100 or 5 CREDITSS$80 or 4 CREDITS
SnowS$60 or 3 CREDITSS$40 or 2 CREDITS
Freestyle (SNOW ARENA)S$60 or 3 CREDITSS$40 or 2 CREDITS
SkateFree EntryFree Entry
Open Sessions
SurfS$100 or 5 CREDITS
SnowS$60 or 3 CREDITS
Freestyle (SNOW ARENA)S$60 or 3 CREDITS
SkateFree Entry

Credit Packs

Share your credits with up to 10 people | 100 & 300 credit packs are only transferable to up to 5 accounts

Credits2050100 Transferable300 Transferable
PriceS$390 S$19.50/ CREDITS$950 S$19/CREDITS$1,800 S$18/CREDITS$5,100 S$17/CREDIT
Validity1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
20S$390 S$19.50/ CREDIT
50S$950 S$19/CREDIT
100 TransferableS$1,800 S$18/CREDIT
300 TransferableS$5,100 S$17/CREDIT